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The Basics

Glossary (A-Z)

Setting up Your Meeting Types

Creating and Modifying Users

Adding a Profiling Form

Creating a New Customer

Sharing Your Booking Links

Creating or Editing a Meeting

Account Settings

Article Paths

In each of these, you'll be able to organize the articles in different categories to suit all your needs:

🗂️ Table view, where you can filter articles by different categories and organize them however you like.

🔢 **Onboarding view** tells you the order you'd need to read every article in to learn everything about Lineup.

🗝️ Cards+Keywords view, where you can search for specific articles based on keywords and preview their content before you access any.

Getting to Know Your Leads

Personalizing Your Profiling Forms

Looking at Your Profiling Responses

How to Create UTMs

How to Use Our Profiling Integrations

Creating a Webhook

Get Your Profiling Form Link

Seeing Your Customers' Match Percentage

Rating your Leads after a meeting

Viewing the Origin of Your Bookings

Try Out Our Lead Enrichment Engine

Know More About Your Leads From LinkedIn

Getting Info About Your Leads From Crunchbase

Boost your sales calls with Conversational Pointers

Managing Unwanted Profiling Forms